10+ Ways of Football Betting: Secrets to Always Winning at Betting

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Currently, thanks to the development of information technology, online football betting as a form of entertainment is becoming increasingly popular in the betting community.

Currently, thanks to the development of information technology, online football betting as a form of entertainment is becoming increasingly popular in the betting community. Since this form has some differences compared to the traditional way, you also need to keep up with the trend and immediately learn the ways to always win at football betting. Let's explore the following article with a soccer prediction 100 win!

What is football betting, ways to bet on football online

Before diving into the best football betting strategies, let's review some basic knowledge to better understand this type of betting. Football betting within Wintips's Sports Betting involves using money or personal assets to place football bets 1x2 in order to predict the outcome of a football match. In addition to betting on the win, loss, or draw outcome of a match, you can also bet based on the scoreline of that match.

Currently, online football betting is the most popular method because it is quite convenient for both the bookmakers and participants.

The most common types of bets now are Asian handicap, European (1X2), and Over/Under (Total Goals). Each type of bet has a different way to read and different betting strategies. Therefore, you need to arm yourself with knowledge about the matches, playing capabilities, etc., if you want to win.

Guide to 10 sure-win football betting methods

Many people wonder why, despite knowing how to read soccer betting odds, they still lose when betting. That's because you haven't consulted these 10 effective and sure-win soccer betting strategies.

Master the art of reading odds

  • The first soccer betting strategy, as shared by many experts, is that knowing how to read the odds accurately in soccer is the most important aspect when engaging in soccer betting. Before deciding to bet on any team, you need to research both teams' rankings on the leaderboard thoroughly. This helps you determine which team is the favorite and which is the underdog, thereby making the most accurate betting decision.

Another thing about this soccer betting strategy that you need to consider before placing a bet is the recent form or performance of the two teams. You need to see if the key players of the two teams are performing well, whether the recently applied tactics are effective, etc. This is also an important factor in deciding the outcome of the game.

Manage your betting budget

  • When it comes to participating in betting, besides carefully calculating the odds, you also need to learn how to manage your betting funds. You can divide your money into three parts: money for betting, winnings, and a reserve in case the first two parts are depleted. There are two effective soccer betting strategies regarding spending for your reference:

The first is to determine how much money you will invest and bet on a game, preventing you from putting all your money on one bet and then losing everything.

The second way, you can apply the method of betting with an increasing amount of money after each win. This trick helps increase the amount of money you can win for the next game.

Don't bet with the crowd

The next effective soccer betting strategy is not to follow the crowd because bookmakers often capture the psychology of the majority of players betting on the same outcome. And no bookmaker wants to pay out for a bet that many people have placed money on.

Some less reputable bookmakers will try every means to influence the outcome of the match, which will greatly affect your wallet. Therefore, the soccer betting strategy adopted by many predecessors is not to bet like the majority.

Choose the right bet

Each bookmaker will have a team of experts analyzing the odds, and the results given by these experts are usually 80% accurate. So, the soccer betting strategy that helps you choose the right bet is to try to research the analysis results provided by the bookmaker. For example:

If the away team is stronger than the home team and the recent performance of both teams is not too different, then you should choose the underdog with a handicap of ½ - 1 goal, to increase your chances of winning.

If the two teams are equal in strength, you should bet on the away team with a level handicap, because at this point, the visiting team will try to secure a draw.

Stay mentally strong

The soccer betting strategy that helps you always football tips win is to stay calm. Many newcomers to the world of soccer betting often get "cold feet" and become uncertain about their decisions. They are also easily influenced by the crowd mentality, thus ending up betting with the majority.

For the "newbies," it may take some time for you to develop a steely resolve. My advice for you is to stay calm, stick with your choice, and always trust the betting strategy you have set.

Don't let emotions affect you, bet based on data

The next effective soccer betting strategy is not to let your bets be influenced by personal emotions. Many new participants in this betting field tend to bet on the soccer team they like more or the team with the soccer star they admire.

Try not to fall into this situation, because then you have let emotions dictate your betting choices. Soccer betting is a game based on meticulous and scientific analysis. Everything related to analysis and science should not be influenced by emotions or feelings; it must be based on real data and evidence.

Prevent yourself from falling into the trap of chasing losses

Another soccer betting tips 1x2, helping you increase your chances of winning, is to prevent yourself from falling deep into the money pit. Many people have the mentality that if they win, they continue; if they lose, they still play to recover. And then, you get sucked into the maze of win-lose-recover and can't escape.

If you unfortunately fall into this situation, stay calm and reconsider where your strategy went wrong. You should also set a reasonable and appropriate reward goal, considered as your destination. Once you have reached your destination, stop for a while. This pause gives you the opportunity to review and adjust your strategy to make it more appropriate.

On days when you seem to lose every bet, feeling unlucky, take a break for a day or two, and review whether the soccer betting strategy you are applying is really appropriate.

Keep a close eye on bookmaker odds to avoid traps

Soccer betting sometimes involves not just analyzing team data, but also a battle of wits between the bookmaker and the player. Some bookmakers have many ways to change or influence the outcome of a match.

Therefore, the recommended soccer betting strategy is to keep a cool head when placing bets and avoid being caught in the trap of bookmakers. Pay attention to the odds fluctuations to catch the bookmakers' tricks and make the most accurate decision.

Think positively

Many players, after winning a few bets or having a bit of experience, tend to be overconfident and place large bets. This is a very risky soccer betting strategy. You should only bet a large amount when you are really sure about the match outcome.

In addition, you should also set aside a certain amount of money to use for placing bets, to avoid being caught off guard and losing everything. Remember, the key to winning in soccer betting is consistency and patience, not recklessness and haste.

Choose a reputable bookmaker

Finally, an effective soccer betting strategy is to diversify your betting types. Besides the popular 1X2 bet (win-draw-win), there are many other betting types in soccer such as Over/Under, Asian Handicap, Correct Score, etc. Each type of bet has its own advantages and disadvantages.

By diversifying your bets, you not only increase your chances of winning but also reduce the risk of losing all your money on one bet. However, you should only participate in the types of bets that you really understand and have researched thoroughly.

In conclusion, winning in soccer betting requires not only luck but also a thorough understanding of soccer betting strategies. By applying the 10 strategies mentioned above, you can increase your chances of everyday winning soccer tips and make your betting journey more successful and enjoyable. Remember, the key to success in betting is patience, careful analysis, and a clear strategy.

Answering some common questions in football betting

The popularity of this entertainment activity is undeniable, so there are many questions about how to bet on soccer. Below are some frequently asked questions by players.

Can I bet once the match has started?

This depends on the betting conditions of the bookmaker you choose. Some bookmakers allow players to place bets after the match has been underway for 10, 15 minutes. On the other hand, there are bookmakers that require players to place their bets before the official match starts. Therefore, before participating in betting, you need to understand the regulations of each bookmaker to apply the appropriate soccer betting method.

Which tournaments can players bet on?

You can participate in betting on any tournament. The tournaments that have betting odds are all updated on the bookmaker's website. Some famous and attractive international tournaments such as La Liga, Serie A, World Cup, etc., are of great interest to many people.

How to identify a scam, untrustworthy bookmaker?

Many people who first play online soccer betting are worried about choosing the wrong bookmaker. The concerns that bettors often have include: personal information being leaked, depositing money to play but losing it all, etc. Untrustworthy bookmakers often embezzle the betting money deposited by players. Therefore, to avoid falling into this situation, here are some ways to distinguish whether a bookmaker is reputable or not:

Is the brand well-known and popular with professional bettors?

Is the betting website interface well-organized?

Do the bookmaker's regulations and rules ensure the rights of participants?

Is the bookmaker's support team enthusiastic, and do they provide you with free support?


Above are some soccer betting strategies to help you secure victories. All these tips are shared by those who have gone before you. In addition to effective strategies, remember to keep a cool head when participating in this game.