Can I Beat Lords of the Fallen at Level 1 with No Weapon Upgrades?

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Can I Beat Lords of the Fallen at Level 1 with No Weapon Upgrades?

Combat in Lords of the Fallen is notoriously difficult and severely penalizes players for any errors they make. But there are players who want an even greater test of their skills, such as whether or not it is possible to win the game without getting more experience or better equipment. In this guide, we're going to attempt the difficult task of playing through the entire campaign at level 1 without using any LOTF items or weapon upgrades.

The Guidelines for the Competition

The following are the parameters, which have been designed to be fair while still being extremely challenging:Beginning at level one with only the basic equipment at your disposal. There is to be no accrual of experience or advancement in level. You are unable to purchase or obtain any new LOTF Vigor or inventory items at this time. There are no opportunities for upgrades or customization of the equipment or weapons. Can only earn gold and buy consumables from merchants at this time. The darkest setting possible was selected for the difficulty level. A single blow will end the fight against many of your opponents. The run must be carried solely by one's skill and strategic planning. The Struggle in the Beginning of the GameStarting Lords of the Fallen at level 1 presents a wide variety of difficult challenges almost immediately. Weak weapons require perfect combos to kill regular enemies, which can be challenging. A single error will result in disastrous consequences right away. The emphasis needs to stay on strategic gameplay, specifically on kiting enemies one at a time. To completely avoid getting hit, dodging and parrying become absolutely necessary. The most important quality is patience, as rushing almost always results in failure.

Harken, the first boss of the game, is defeated through strategic encounters. However, injuries are already piling up, and supplies are running low. The level of difficulty has just started increasing in step with LOTF Vigor. Patch 17 for The Lords of the Fallen compared to Patch 9 for The Lords of the FallenHave There Been Any Improvements Made? Lords of the DeclinedBest, Most Powerful, and Top-Rated Weapons for Every Build! Acquiring Expertise in Tactics and Recognizing Enemy PatternsIt is absolutely necessary to debug more refined techniques in order to survive against opponents who are getting tougher:Research the attack patterns of the solo enemies and look for openings to counterattack. Take advantage of your opponent's vulnerabilities, such as their lack of ranged or evasive attacks. Through consistent practice, you can learn to parry, block, and perfect your dodging timing. Use your enemies as bait to precisely control spacing and divide up groups. Keep only the consumables with the greatest potential impact in your inventory for important battles. Even dangerous bosses like Agon, Lord of the Fallen Vigor, can be defeated without taking any damage through the application of focused practices. Defeating Difficult Tests and Fighting Epic BattlesOver the course of many hours, difficult obstacles will appear, putting one's perseverance to the ultimate test:Defending against multiple waves of cultist zealots attacking at the same time.

Performing picture-perfect parries while being attacked by Brute dual-blade attacks. Weaving through swarms of corrupted bats and wyverns that were swooping down on us.

During the showdown with Lordarron, having complete mastery over all phase transitions. In spite of this, steady improvement is made by moving forward step by step through repeated attempts to learn each lesson. 


The Sweet Rewards of Victory Upon Completing Level 1

After suffering through a large number of deaths, there is a tremendous sense of accomplishment in completing every area without gaining experience or better gear. After overcoming all the challenges that Lords of the Fallen can throw at you, watching the triumphant conclusion cutscene is an experience that can only be described as euphoric. Even the most formidable obstacle can be overcome if the player has enough patience and strategic mastery over more than just their stats. Now that the information is available, new pilgrims will always have a guide to follow as they attempt to pass the game's ultimate test of combat perfection. This is something that can be accomplished, and you now possess the keys that are required to accomplish this unrelenting test of your mettle within yourself. I bid you farewell, and may the scope of your victories know no bounds!