Lords of the Fallen at Level 1 with No Weapon Upgrades

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Lords of the Fallen at Level 1 with No Weapon Upgrades

Players will suffer severe consequences for any mistakes they make during combat in Lords of the Fallen because the game is notoriously challenging. However, there are players who are interested in a challenge that is even more difficult to pass, such as determining whether or not it is possible to win the game without gaining more experience or investing in better equipment. In this walkthrough, we're going to attempt the challenging task of playing through the entire campaign at level 1 and not using any LOTF ITEMS or weapon upgrades at any point. This should prove to be an interesting challenge.

The Regulations and Requirements of the Competition

The following is a list of the parameters, each of which has been designed to be just while simultaneously being extremely difficult:You start off at level one with only the most fundamental items available to you at this point. There will be no advancement in level or experience gained during this time. At this time, you will not be able to make any new purchases or obtain any new items for your LOTF Vigor or inventory. There are no opportunities to upgrade or personalize the equipment or the weapons in any way. At this time, players can only earn gold and buy consumables from various merchants. The difficulty level required the game to be played in the darkest possible setting. A significant number of your adversaries can be defeated with a single blow. The run can only be accomplished through the use of one's own skill and careful planning.


​The Struggle That Characterizes the First Part of the Game

When you begin Lords of the Fallen at level 1, you are almost immediately confronted with a wide variety of challenging challenges. Using weak weapons against regular enemies can be difficult because it requires perfect combos to kill them.

A single mistake will almost immediately result in catastrophic consequences. The focus should remain on strategic gameplay, particularly on taking out foes one at a time using the kiting mechanic. The use of dodging and parrying becomes an absolute necessity in order to completely avoid getting hit. Patience is the most valuable trait one can possess, as a lack of it almost always leads to failure. The first boss of the game, Harken, can be defeated through various encounters that require strategic thinking. On the other hand, there is already a growing number of injuries, and supplies are getting low. The level of challenge has only recently begun to ramp up in tandem with the increasing LOTF Vigor. 


When comparing Patch 17 for The Lords of the Fallen to Patch 9 for The Lords of the Fallen, there is a significant difference. Have Any Improvements Been Made To This Situation? 

The Lords of Those Who Have Fallen Weapons that are the Best, Most Powerful, and Rated the Highest for Every Build! Acquiring Expertise in Tactics and Being Able to Recognize Patterns Employed by the OpponentIn order to compete successfully against adversaries who are continuously improving their game, it is imperative to perfect more sophisticated strategies.

Conduct research into the attack patterns of the solo foes and look for gaps in their defenses to exploit in your own gameplay. Take advantage of your adversary's weaknesses, such as their lack of ranged or evasive attacks, and use these to your advantage. You will be able to learn to parry, block, and perfect your dodging timing if you consistently practice these skills. Make use of your foes as bait in order to precisely control the spacing between groups and divide them up. For important battles, you should limit the consumables you have in your inventory to those that have the greatest potential impact. Through the application of concentrated practices, it is possible to vanquish even the most dangerous bosses, such as Agon, Lord of the Fallen Vigor, without taking any damage yourself. Having Success in Challenging Tests and Engaging in Epic BattlesOver the course of several hours, one will be confronted with challenging roadblocks, which will put one's perseverance to the ultimate test:Defending oneself against simultaneous assaults from multiple waves of zealots loyal to a particular religious sect. Maintaining a picture-perfect parrying technique despite being assaulted by Brute's dual-blade attacks. Weaving our way through swarms of corrupted bats and wyverns that were descending upon us and trying to attack us.

Having complete mastery over all phase transitions during the confrontation with Lordarron. In spite of this, steady progress is made by moving forward step by step, learning each lesson multiple times, and then moving on to the next one. 


The Satisfying Prizes Awaiting You Upon Successfully Completing Level 1

After enduring a large number of deaths, there is a tremendous feeling of accomplishment in completing every area without gaining experience or better gear. This is especially true if the player did not acquire either of those things. Watching the triumphant conclusion cutscene in Lords of the Fallen is an experience that can only be described as euphoric once all of the game's challenges have been conquered. If the player has sufficient patience and strategic mastery over more than just their stats, then they will be able to overcome even the most formidable challenge. In the future, when new pilgrims attempt to pass the game's ultimate test of combat perfection, they will always have a guide to follow because the information is now publicly available. This is something that can be accomplished, and you now possess the keys that are required to accomplish this unrelenting test of your mettle within yourself. This is something that can be accomplished, and it is something that you now possess. I bid you farewell, and may the breadth and depth of your triumphs know no bounds.