Diablo 4 map size, regions - How Big is Diablo 4 Map

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Covering the northern third of the Diablo 4 map, Scosglen is a verdant and tree-strewn land of bleak forests inhabited by druids and primordial wood dwellers

The map for Diablo 4 is much larger than anyone realized. With Blizzard having just closed the two weekends of beta for Diablo 4, players have had their first look at the world for the new game. Many hardcore players completely cleared the map, completing all dungeons, venturing into cellars and caverns, maxing out their character, and taking down the world boss. With the wealth of content on offer, players feel hopeful that the full game will have plenty for both newcomers and series veterans to explore to getting more Diablo 4 Gold For Sale .

How Big is Diablo 4 Map

The Fractured Peaks was the only region available to explore during the beta phase. We can safely assume its area to be roughly around 3.5 km × 3 km. That would mean that only the Fractured Peaks region is about 10Sq. km long. While comparing Fractured Peaks with the entire map, the total area could go around 8.5 km × 7 km which equals almost 60Sq. km.


Covering the northern third of the Diablo 4 map, Scosglen is a verdant and tree-strewn land of bleak forests inhabited by druids and primordial wood dwellers. It’s inhospitable and hostile, and is likely the second region you’ll visit after wrapping up Fractured Peaks.

Dry Steppes

Southwest of Scosglen, you will find the region of Dry Steppes, full of canyons and geysers of boiling water. This cruel place carries the scars of a war that ravaged the region. As a result, folks living in Dry Steppes will fight to survive by any means necessary. From mercenaries that will fight for a chance of receiving a coin of gold to mages using dark magic, the conflicts in Dry Steppes are still constant.

Fractured Peaks

This frigid region is home to the religious – and brutally draconian – authority known as the Cathedral of Light. Loosely based on the Carpathian Mountains, residents that can endure Fractured Peaks’ unbearably cold temperatures (some parts lie trapped in a blizzard) may find comfort in living under the Cathedral of Light’s protection – as long as they stay on their best behavior.

“They have a big pyre in the middle of one of their cities where they burn sinners, and that's totally normal and okay for them,” says Pink.

Other parts of Fractured Peaks aren’t perpetually frozen. Warmer areas are covered in melted snow that, in turn, creates waterfalls that flow into Hawezar’s swampy waterways. In one significant campaign quest, players visit Alabaster Monastery, the Cathedral of Light’s heavily guarded fort tucked away high up on a mountain. Players embark on a bone-chilling pilgrimage to reach it and prove their worthiness. Along that climb, there's a solid chance you'll be picked off by Khazra, AKA Goatmen wielding ice magic.


What can represent a decaying world in a dark fantasy setting better than a place full of swamps that can poison you? Hawezar is this type of place in Diablo 4. A diseased land where people go only to be forgotten by the world. At the same time, the inhospitality of Hawezar makes it a safe place for witches to hide.


This arid land draws its visual inspiration from the Middle East and the Mojave desert. Once a thriving civilization, it now lies in ruins buried under sand dunes dotted with oases and teeming with threats such as giant scorpions and plenty of bandits. Kehjistan (along with Hawezar) is also home to Truine cultists, a faction previously mentioned only in lore, making its first real appearance in a Diablo game. For Diablo III fans, Blizzard says players will get to see how Caldeum, the capital city, has fared in the many years since the events of that game. While the team doesn’t want to spoil plot details surrounding such an important campaign landmark, it does tease that the situation has been less than great.

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