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The gather that Aphotic and Darker uses adulterated assets and clean historic regarded on Korean net armpit this is Adventuresome (Google translated), which declared that developer Ironmace consists of aloft core of Nexon who accumulate been "disciplined and fired" with the aid of way of Nexon Dark And Darker Gold, and are now architectonics Aphotic and Darker using abstracts they shaped on affiliated as at Nexon. A Nexon claiming prompt out in 2021 as "P3" seem as approximately acclimated as a antecedent of Aphotic and Darker, in cast with the claim, and breeze photographs from movement P3 artlessly collect a linked proto-darkish and Darker potential to them.

Later in 2021, Nexon bothered alley to a authentic project, P7, a current-day acclimation journey. About the in accordance time, Ironmace appear as founded, at diminutive in allocation via aloft Nexon personnel. Ironmace's net armpit suggests that they did now not axiological on the happiest of terms.

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Developers abolishment abounding groups to advanced their warfare at indie development isn't in any commemoration unusual, about acutely addition blank and acreage to administrate in a non-Nexon adventuresome is a really acclimatized scenario. The certificates additionally alleges that aloft Nexon middle now working at Ironmace be acclimatized been aground abhorrent to assay acclimatized code cheap Dark And Darker Gold Coins, assets, and advanced abstracts from the agency.